How Soon Can We Begin To Design My New Website?
Because we are a small company who pride ourselves on excellent design and personal service, we may have a waiting list for our services. If you have a deadline and are in an urgent hurry, let us know. we may be able to reschedule. It's unusual that a quality design service has no waiting list, and it's worth considering, poor service can be a lot more expensive in so many ways, so it's worth waiting for quality.


Reserve your position with us today by booking in your project.
It is a great idea to use the time wisely to get your ducks in a row. Gather all the information you have to provide us with for your website, including text, images, videos, or make a list of what items you will require us to create or obtain. We provide professional photography services, image editing, video editing, sound editing, animation, illustration and copy writing services.

How Long Will It Take To Complete My Website?
How long it takes to create a fully functional website depends on many factors. Creative custom design work can take anywhere from 1 - 4 weeks, depending on the functionality and complexity of the design and how many revisions you require. The development phase may require an additional 1 - 6 weeks. This all depends on the number of pages, and functions required. These are very general guides, every project is different, some require the creation original artwork and some clients supply these elements.

What Is The Average Cost For A Website?
It's always a tricky question to answer. There is no such thing as an average site, there are so many variables in requests from client to client depending on complexity and functionality. All estimates or quotes for design work are based on an hourly rate, A very rough guide would be a one off cost design anywhere upwards from $950.00 for a basic web page. Annual hosting, domain and SSL certificates are additional. 
What Kind Of Technology Do You Support?
We create with XHTML, CSS and Flash, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, PHP, MySql and other technologies. We partner with specialists in other areas if and when required. We also create Shopify, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal sites. We can recommend Stripe payments, and choose form a variety of eCommerce resources, apps, plug-ins widgets, bells and whistles.

Can I View My Website or Design Work While It's In Progress?
Of course! In fact, it's beneficial to have your feedback as we go along. We build your website on our development server. We can give you a username and password to log in and monitor the progress of your site. Once your web site is completed and approved we publish it live on your server, submit your URL to the major search engines.

How Many Revisions Can I Make To My Site Without Being Charged Extra?
After your general brief, layout and colour scheme have been agreed, we are as flexible with design as possible. We allow for up to two sessions of major revisions before charging. Any minor revisions are provided at no charge.

What Services Are Included With The Initial Web Design And Development?
Your initial website design and build cost includes email configuration. The setup of your back end metatag information (Page Title, Description and Keywords). Your site is designed from inception with ethical and proven search engine friendly methods. Content management websites have the tools built in for owners to edit SEO elements.

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